Before I tell you about the fifth element, and maybe most important, element you need to include in your pet's diet, I want to tell you a little story…

After reading this message, I hope to make you so angry… so livid... by what I am about to reveal to you — that you may need to take a few minutes just to calm down.

What I want to reveal to you is a rip-off that has become a Hundred-Million-Dollar Scandal. It's been going on for years in the pet food market.

And it is happening right now. Chances are, if you are own a cat or a dog, you have been cheated out of your money… and cheated out of the benefits you paid for and hoped for regarding the healthy food you feed your special family member!

It's a total mess! I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of pet owners like you… losing hundreds of millions of dollars chasing promises that simply never come true.

So I'm writing to warn you — If you are using a big, brand name pet food I urge you to read every word of my message carefully. It is that important…

So why am I so concerned? I have to confess something to you…

I Was A Victim of The "Healthy Pet Food" Trick Too. And For a Very Long Time!

I was ripped off for an embarrassing amount of money. I wasted a lot of time… and once, my dog even got sick from some new food I tried! I simply got tired of cleaning up the messes - you know what I mean - after my pets tried some new brand. So, before I reveal the truth to you I want you to understand I have personal reasons to write this message to you. So if I sound abrasive or too intense I hope I don’t offend you. That is not my intention. I just want to save you the frustration I felt, and save you the "clean-up time" I spent!

My wife says I take these things much too personally. But it makes me so mad when I think about how many times I fell for those empty promises… and it gets me even madder when I think about how many pet food companies take advantage of pet owners right now!

I guess as my dog and my cat got older, I became very serious about what I put down for them to eat every day. So when I first started noticing their health, well, not being “up to par” - my dog seemed to have some hip pain, and a general lack of energy, and my cat developed constipation, then diarrhea, then back to constipation - I made sure to monitor and track the health of my pets. I wanted to make sure I was seeing the results promised on every bag and can of food I bought.

So, what do you think happened?

Not much at all! Some food seemed to help a little, but mostly, nothing happened. And it seemed some of the food had some unpleasant side effects (like excess gas, trouble "going" and general listlessness) were fairly obvious. But… overall, the results proved one thing:

Most of the Food I Tried Didn't Do a
Damn Thing to Help My Pet!

In fact, I got ripped off, a LOT! I lost my money, and my guess is… if you bought a Big, Brand Name pet food, with lots of promises before, you've been ripped off too!

Actually, I'm willing to bet that most pet owners looking for help with their pet's overall health felt disappointed with the results of the big name foods more than once.

Let's face it: if your pet is not as active as you think they should be, if they have trouble walking or running, if they seem to be a few pounds (or maybe more) overweight, then you have to realize this:

Your Pet Needs Help, Here's Why...

You can't argue with the facts. Pets are like people in many ways, and what they eat affects their health as much as what you eat affects your health! And, as your pet ages, the challenges just mount up!

I don't care how active your pet used to be… if you do not give your dog or cat all the essential ingredients for their over-all health, they need help. It's as simple as that. It's true, a healthy diet helps your pet regain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, full of play and love.

But with all the ads out there, how do you know which pet food really delivers the essentials?

It is shameful. In just the last couple of weeks I saw dozens of ads on the TV and in magazines (and even a few online) — all screaming their product is "The Best Ever Discovered!"

I'm no Genius but I know this… they ALL can't be the best.

Look, I've wasted so much cash trying out different pet food – from all meat to all vegetables and fruits. If you could look in my cupboard, you'll find a whole bunch of half-filled bags of food, bags I bought based on empty promises.

But, here's what I learned.

Not One Of These Foods Came Even Close
To Being "The Best"… Even The Most Famous
Pet Foods Are Nutritionally Incomplete!

So I'll let you in on a dirty little secret…

The greedy folks who sell some pet food don't want you to know this but — the price of the product has nothing to do with its nutritional quality! You can't judge by how fancy the label is or where they advertise.

The fact is "Pet Food" is a BIG business. I said it before, "Billons of dollars are at stake."

So, some marketers (note, I did not say scientists, nutritionists or vets) who can get their little toe in the door of a laboratory think they can promise you anything. They want your money, plain and simple. They will promise anything to get into your wallet. So the question is…

Whom can you trust?

With hundreds of products available to you, and so many of them simply useless, it is difficult for you to decide which way to go.

Are you 100% sure you know what's inside
the bags and cans of pet food you're giving your
pet every day?

You Can't Trust the Advertising… they're usually written by highly-paid professional writers — not scientists, nutritionists or vets! These people can make anything sound good, even if the product isn't very effective at all.

Do you know… how they decide on the ingredients? The foods they sell you are just a jumble of ingredients that become available, or are the "trendy" things to add! It's just a bag or can of "could be," "might be," and "hope to" stuff. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't — who cares. Right? As long as they have your money, they're happy.

Wrong! They simply don't care if the food
helps your pet or if it doesn't… It's that kind
of uncaring thinking that makes my blood boil!

They just don't know! Instead, they come up with clever slogans and jingles and simply don't research, or even worry about what goes into the food! Results are in profits, not in your pet's health.

Well, I'm Got Tired of Turning my Dog and my Cat into a "Lab Rat" For Selfish Marketers Who Only Care About Money — And Don't Give A Thought About My Pet's Situation!

So here's what I decided to do about it…

I went out and purchased my own supplement company — Pet-Sentials (at a huge personal expense) and assembled a team of veterinary professionals…and included 2 nutritionists and an herbal formulator.

I demanded they come up with a pet supplement that did four things.

It has to be effects, taste great, all-natural, local products and affordable

I asked the team one single question... Why isn't there a single, simple legitimate pet supplement that can really help dogs and cats with their many nutritional requirements?

Their Answer Was Simple… PROFIT!

That was the entire problem!

It's all about money! You see, the compounds that really work are simply too expensive. And when competing against all of the low-cost, big-promise, zero-effect food you see in those fancy advertisements; it just wouldn't be as profitable!

So they cut costs by cutting back on crucial (but expensive) ingredients. And worse… they often leave some of them out altogether — completely disregarding how important these compounds are to the overall effectiveness of your pet's diet. Instead, they rely on their advertising to sell the stuff!

Noni Fruit

By the way, every person on my team agreed that this was the problem. And to prove a point they focused on one ingredient, NONI FRUIT. It's not cheap. And that's why most manufacturers add a very tiny amount — just enough to say legally it is in their formula— or they don't add it at all!

Some products may have NONI FRUIT in their formulas — but they ignore the fact that your dog and your cat need a specific minimum amount to be effective. Instead, there is the very minimum amount to allow them to put it on the labels!) (More about NONI FRUIT later…)

And get this, here's another dirty trick these guys pull on us… Instead of using the most effective compounds they settle on cheap substitutes.

Another ingredient, TIBETAN RHODIOLA CRENULATA, so widely accepted as one of the most crucial compounds your pet's body needs to get healthy… experts say no pet supplement or food formula should be without it! But, you guessed it… very few supplements or foods – either dry or wet on the market – even use it! And if they do, it's usually in some "watered down" form or just a "trace" amount— Incredible!

[Note: after we looked into this, we discovered that TIBETAN RHODIOLA CRENULATA, in an extract form could cost as much as 7 times more than any other ingredient most manufacturers use today! No wonder why these guys stay away from it… It's just too darn expensive!]

I have no doubt that the higher cost of TIBETAN RHODIOLA CRENULATA is the main reason it is usually not included in most of the pet products on the market. Once again, it is the profit equation winning over the health equation.

What does that leave us? Not much! Just cheap, ineffective food that, in some cases, just fills a belly and gives no positive, long-term overall health benefits to your special family member. And we keep putting this junk inside our pets, hoping and praying for some real help.

Let me put it another way!

They Don't Even Include Nutrients And Herbs Scientifically Studied To Help Your Pet's Health!

Why should they? Their cost would go way up. Much more than these greedy businessmen are willing to pay. It's all about the "holy dollar"!

Angry now? I started by promising to upset you… I know it steams me every time I see those words.

So, I went back to my team of experts, and asked, "Why can't we develop the perfect formulation that could truly handle the health challenges of every pet and still be inexpensive?"

I was tired of spending a fortune on stuff that didn't work at all! I would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a supplement that could give my pets some real help!

I knew we could do it. I hired the smartest people, and I gave them a huge budget. And they said "no problem." They were excited! No other company ever gave them the "green light" to do it.

They knew what ingredients to use, and how much to use of each. And they knew that the "big boys" competition currently would never be able to compete — because ours really works! So I gave my team the ultimate challenge. I said…

"Team — I Want You to Develop a Pet Supplement That Really Helps Dogs and Cats with ALL their Health Challenges. I Want It in a Form that is Easy to Give to my Pets, Gives Them the Help They Need...

And I Don't Care What It Costs!"


"I want you to make sure this formula addresses ALL these health challenges:

My team, with a stunned looks on their faces asked… "And you really don't care about what it costs to make this? — "No" I said. — "I've been waiting a long time for someone to ask me that question."

Email Field Goes Here

And here's what my team told me. Now Listen Carefully, because what I am about to tell you is going to change your life!

The biggest problem with pet supplements is they make them with cheap, inferior, ineffective, and yes, useless compounds. And blended into a formula someone dreamed up in the ad agency. There is total disregard for how the ingredients will interact with one another. And get this, many times; one ingredient will simply cancel out the other!

So, they won't give your pet the nutrients they need for a happy, healthy life! They won't absorb into your pet's body properly. They will be useless!

I knew if I were to create the "Perfect" Pet Supplement, it would have to do four things. Four things, you can't find in any other pet health product:

Number One
Our "Perfect" Pet Supplement Must Hold Huge Amounts Of The Highest Quality Nutrients. It would have to supply or replenish the nutrients needed for my pet to have a healthy life! That's exactly what dogs and cats need every day. So our formula had to contain the safest, most potent and fast-acting compounds around. Nothing else would do.

Number One

Our "Perfect" Pet Supplement Had To Dramatically Improve Every Aspect of my Pet's Health. I did not want to take on this challenge in a piece-meal way. I did not want to create four or five, or even six different supplements.

Number One

Our "Perfect" Pet Supplement Has To Be Easy to Give to My Dog and My Cat. I did not like the idea of jamming a pill down my pet's throat. I hate trying to hide a pill in their food. (You know what happens there: my dog eats all the food, and leaves the pill behind!)

Number One

Our "Perfect" Pet Supplement CANNOT Cost an Arm and a Leg! Everyone, even pet owners, have to keep one eye on the budget every month. (Even though millions and millions of pet owners in North America spend billions and billions – YES, BILLIONS – of dollars every year on their pets, I know that they need to watch their expenses for their pets.)

My team had to reach these four goals without any cut corners, any knock-off substitute ingredients, and with complete confidence there would be a perfectly harmonized interaction between all the ingredients.

Now we're ready.

My team had their instructions.

Spare no expense. No skimping on ingredients. No juggling or magic tricks. No strings. No fancy sales letters, gimmicky sounding names, or high priced marketing executives. And most importantly, no more mediocre products with lousy results!

I want you to know BEFORE you use this Perfect Pet Supplement exactly what the ingredients are, what they will do for your pet, and how much of each ingredient is included.

This supplement would be a revolution. I wanted the finest ingredients, I wanted to increase my pet's health – every part of it – and provide my dog's and cat's body with all the natural nutrients, enzymes, herbs and compounds it needs to perform at peak efficiency.

I wanted the best stuff we could find to help rejuvenate my pet. I wanted a supplement that delivered on its promise. In short,

I Wanted The Most Potent,
Most Effective Pet Supplement Made For
Both Dogs and Cats Ever Built in a Laboratory.

I wanted to create the
"Fifth Essential Element in Every Pet's Diet!"

They completed their tasks! They created a brand new definitive supplement for every aspect of your pet's health requirements. I call it Pet-Sentials Plus.

In a moment, I'm going to tell you the most amazing thing about Pet-Sentials Plus.

I am thrilled with the Pet-Sentials Plus formula! I think it is more honest than anything I've given to my pets. And believe me, I've tried them all!

And Pet-Sentials Plus works fast. You will probably see the first positive effects within days or a few weeks. I just sprinkle a little on my pet's food every day, confident it is safe and effective.

So, let me tell you what happened to me since I started adding this amazing supplement to my pet's food:

My Dog is More Active than EVER! He Has More Energy, Appetite And Desire For Play Than Seen In Years.

My Cat Even Loves to Play Now. Gone Are The Days Of Laziness. (Oh, she still gets all the sleep she needs, but when she's up, she now has the energy and vitality to play!)

My Pets are Healthy! Both got a complete "Clean Bill of Health" in their last check-ups at the vet!

Look. Let me tell you something else about this remarkable supplement. I read the labels… and so should you. Be sure to look closely at the labels. You won't find more than two of these ingredients in those "big name products," maybe. The other guys are just too cheap to pay what it costs to give you everything I put into Pet-Sentials Plus.

Let's go over the ingredient list and see how Pet-Sentials Plus will work for your pet.

Noni Fruit
For many centuries before European explorers reached the islands of the South Pacific, noni fruit was the staple of folk medicine of many island cultures including the Polynesians who used it for a multitude of ailments as well as to support good digestion, blood circulation and the immune system.

Noni is rich in antioxidants that impede free radical damage in the cells of the body. The oxidation of free radical molecules can lead to degenerative conditions and premature aging. A natural inflammatory, noni is widely used to alleviate pain and strengthen enzyme activity in the body.
Noni fruit contains 55% fiber, which is vitally important for proper digestion and elimination, and for encouraging lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Considered a "superfood," noni helps the body rejuvenate at the cellular level by providing micronutrients such as vitamin A, B3, C, potassium, iron, sodium and calcium, which helps maintain strong bones and teeth.


Grown only in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, the Tibetan Rhodiola Crenulata has played a key role in that region's healing traditions for thousands of years. It has been used to enhance heart function, circulation and oxygenation to improve energy levels and endurance. By enhancing the body's ability to absorb and utilize oxygen, this herb benefits the entire respiratory system. The efficient delivery of oxygen also helps improve memory and concentration. This comes in handy when trying to teach your pet a new trick!

Tibetan Rhodiola is a powerful immune modulator, protecting the body against invasive microorganisms and helping to prolong life. As an adoptogen, it reduces the body's stress reactions. This is important for pets, who find it stressful when there are changes in the normal routine.


Soy lecithin contains many beneficial compounds including fatty acids, triglycerides, carbohydrates and phospholipids, which are fat-soluble molecules the body uses as building blocks for cell membranes. Lecithin is also needed by the body because it emulsifies or "breaks down" fats such as cholesterol and other lipids, thereby facilitating proper digestion and regularity. It's important to remember that too much cholesterol promotes the growth of gallstones in animals as well as people.

Useful in speeding up metabolism, soy lecithin contains Choline, which helps regulate the flow of nutrients inside and out of the liver, thus supporting the body's most important detoxification organ. Lecithin also provides immune system support, which is especially important for an animal recovering for a disease or surgery.

The fatty acids in lecithin support nail, hair, and skin health, alleviating dry and scaly skin, loss of elasticity and excess hair shedding. Because lecithin adds fiber to the diet, it can relieve the phenomenon of "hair-balls" by efficiently moving the swallowed hair through the digestive tract.


Recognized as an antioxidant, vitamin E helps maintain healthy membrane tissues and slows the process of cellular aging. Vitamin E not only helps fight free radicals but also brings nourishment to cells and strengthens the capillary walls, promoting good circulation.

Vitamin E supplies oxygen to the blood, which then moves to the heart and other organs, thus alleviating fatigue. Vitamin E plays a key role in reducing the risk of cholesterol-related issues in the heart, liver and kidneys. It also promotes the health of nerves and muscles, and helps protect the eyes, especially among the aging.

This vitamin also helps moisturize dry skin. This is just as true for animals as for people. Vitamin E also supports and maintains a healthy, shiny hair coat for dogs and cats.


Flax and flax seed are high in Lignans, which are phytoestrogens that function as strong antioxidants that support the immune system and guard against premature aging. Flax promotes regular bowel movements because it is high in insoluble fiber. It is also high in soluble fiber, which absorbs water and binds cholesterol in the gut, working to prevent it from being absorbed, and then eliminating it through the colon. Flax and flaxseeds also help decrease blood sugar. Because it's a very low glycemic index food, it helps reduce the risk of blood-glucose problems.

Flax is considered a prebiotic because it supports the growth of probiotics, or the healthy bacteria, living in the gastro-intestinal tracts of people and animals. These friendly bacteria help guard against the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. 

Flax is the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, known to benefit the cardiovascular system, provide energy and stamina and promote skin health. These fatty acids also contribute to the healthy skin of household pets. It helps keep the pet's skin moisturized and its coat shiny.

We needed someone to test this product. We needed an outside expert. That way, they would be able to measure, accurately and professionally, the effectiveness of Pet-Sentials Plus.

I am so proud that Karen (and Thunder) enjoyed Pet-Sentials Plus!

So, What Happens When You Use The Most Effective Over-All Pet Health Supplement In The World? Well, here is a list of what can happen, in just a few short weeks, when you begin to add Pet-Sentials Plus to your pet's meals:

  • A dramatic increase in Joint and Bone Health.

  • An amazing improvement in Digestive Health.
  • Increased and appropriate levels of Vitamin E.
  • Improved over-all health, leading to potentially longer lifespan.
  • Protection for your pet's skin and coat, creating a healthy and shiny coat
  • Stronger teeth and improved oral health!
  • Your peace-of-mind that you are giving your special family member healthy ingredients, all natural ingredients, and maximum amounts of those ingredients blended perfectly!
  • Because Pet-Sentials Plus has no taste, when you sprinkle it over your pet's regular food, they still get the flavors they love! They get healthier without nasty pills or expensive treatments!
  • Plus more over-all health benefits than I can possibly list here…

THAT'S IT! Just try it. You won't be able to match the quality and effectiveness of Pet-Sentials Plus against any other pet health supplement. No matter how hard you search! You'll find Pet-Sentials Plus makes everything else you tried… obsolete!

Why? Because they are too worried about their profit margins and not enough about putting the most proven effective ingredients into their supplements. This stuff would simply be out of their budget to produce for you.

There is no other pet supplement where you can find that contains all these POWERFUL ingredients.

Now you know…

So There It Is. I've Just Revealed to You
My Top-Secret Formula For The Most Powerful Pet Health Formula on the Planet!

But I'm not worried you know this now. I don't think anyone is going to duplicate my formula in the near future because no one is willing to spend the money I do on putting all these ingredients together. They don't want to waste time mixing and blending the most exotic and powerful compounds your dog and cat need to help reduce their reduced enjoyment of life.

Who is going to rip off my formula?

No one, that's who!

I know what you're thinking…

OK, So How Much Is Pet-Sentials Plus
Going To Cost Me?

When, when you consider all the time and effort that goes into each bottle, when you add up all the costs of the powerful and expensive ingredients, I am sure you would expect to pay a lot. At one time, I considered selling Pet-Sentials Plus only to the most exclusive customers, the high rollers. That would put the price tag at well over $500.00 per bottle. This product works, and I am certain the big spenders would be willing to pay that price for this powerful supplement and all the benefits it provides pets.

Email Field Goes Here

But I am not selfish or greedy. I am not running some multi-national conglomerate here. We have a small, efficient lab on the West Coast of the country. I don't spend huge dollars on advertising… no fancy brochures, no over-the-top color graphics. I prefer plain words.

I did not create Pet-Sentials Plus to make my fortune. I made it for a much more selfish reason.

I Created Pet-Sentials Plus Because I Needed To Use It with MY Pets! And I Knew There Are Lots of Other Pets (and Pet Owners) Who Can Benefit From It Too!

Chances are your will have – or already does have – health problems. Literally 78% of all dogs and cats suffer from some medical crisis during their lifetime.

You need to know that, despite the cost of research, ingredients and production of Pet-Sentials Plus, my profit on each bottle is very, very small. I let the other producers run bloated corporations and line their pockets with huge profits. It is not fair, but it is their way… NOT MINE!

The price for a 1-month supply of Pet-Sentials Plus is usually $119.90. But if you respond within the next 2 days, I made sure you only pay $59.95. That's a savings of more than $59.95! And you pay nothing for shipping your order to you.

No hidden costs, no surprises.

You can call toll-free 800-000-000 – or click right here now and use your credit card to take advantage of this time-limited offer. I have people standing by right now… anytime of the day or night… to help you get the supplement your pets need right now. As soon as possible, we will rush your Pet-Sentials Plus supply directly to you by first class mail.

I think I can actually sweeten this deal. Here's what I'm going to do:

If you call within the next 48 hours, I will include an additional 1-month supply FREE. Yes, you will get double the amount for one single low price.

I am so proud of this product, I want to give you a double supply… yes, a second 1-month supply for FREE… just so you can give it a real try and discover all the benefits for yourself.

I will make sure my team gets your pet's supplement supply shipped to you as quickly as possible. To put your mind even more at ease, let me assure you that, if you use your credit card for this order,

I promise a full and complete 100%
Rock-Solid 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

It is just this easy. If you are not satisfied with the results you see in your pet's overall health, just send the left over bottle and I will refund every cent you paid.

This is my personal word and guarantee.

Please hurry. I cannot promise I will ever be able to make this offer again. This could be your last best chance to reduce the health dangers your pets face every day and get some relief, finally! Please call or click here now… people are here waiting to help you.


Steven Kalia
President, Owner Pet-Sentials

PS: Pet-Sentials Plus cost a lot to produce, so we don't keep a huge supply on hand. The faster you place your order, the better your chances of getting what you want. I don't want you to be disappointed, so I suggest you call 800-000-0000 or click here to go directly to our Fast Reply Form as soon as possible to place your credit card order.

Just one last thing. I expect a flood of phone calls, so it is possible you will get a busy signal when you call. I want to apologize if you do… Remember, we are not the biggest company in the pet industry. Please be patient with us and keep trying to place your call… we will get to you as quickly as we can to help you enjoy a great relationship with your pets as soon as possible.

Or please just click here and place your online order right now!

P.P.S.: Oh, one more thing…

Here's is another testimonial we got recently…